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iTRUBEC is connecting modern technology with traditions – Internet of Things (IoT) with beekeeping. We are monitoring bees using modern devices with different sensors and we are also fighting with Varroa Destructor by controlled heating of beehive.

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SONY Spresense & SigFox based beehive monitoring

I decided to use the combination of SONY Spresense board and SigFox network as the reliable data carrier to build a solution which fulfills all the basic requirements on remote beehive monitoring.

How does it look like?


The prototype consists of the SONY Spresense board responsible for all the computing and detailed data logging to SD card, BME280 sensor responsible for temperature, humidity and atmospherical pressure measuring, GY MAX4466 microphone module with amplifier responsible for noise level monitoring and finally SigFox modem responsible for the data transfer.

Data about temperature, humidity, atmospherical pressure and noise level are sent over SigFox network each 15 minutes (the charts below are based on live data and update every 15 minutes. Monitor is not in a beehive but outdoors.):


TimeTemp 1 [°C]Humidity [%]Pressure [hPa]Theft AlertNoise level

Data could be visualised and beekeeper is instantly aware about the situation in his beehive(s) located far away. This gives him opportunity to react just in time in case of any deviations from usual status.

In case more detailed data is needed then the log from SD card could be analysed too (the charts below are not based on live data but on the log from SD card):

 Temperature, humidity and atmospherical pressure chart based ond the data logged on SD card.


Sound levels analysis chart based ond the data logged on SD card.


Wiring of the SONY Spresense beehive monitor with SigFox 


 Theft Alert SMS - sent in case the location of beehive changes.



Theft Alert e-mail with the last known position


Beehive located based on the Theft Alert e-mail

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